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At GamutDx we take Digital Transformation from a concept of disconnected ideas to a comprehensive strategic business plan that matches your objectives with digital capabilities, to optimize Revenue, EBITDA and Multiple Expansion. Our algorithmic approach helps your team comprehend the digital maturity lifecycle and incorporate these new capabilities into your strategic business planning.

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About Us

We believe Mid-sized PE and Industrial manufacturing are underserved due to a lack of practical, informed, actionable advice to benefit from: Digital Transformation in a comprehensive approach.

Our +100 years of experience allows us to blend real-world operational, information technology and financial expertise into comprehensive planning to achieve the right digital transformation strategy for your portfolio.

We can help ensure that clear strategic objectives and well-articulated financial imperatives are translated into successful business outcomes and demonstrable results.

Digital Transformation (DX)

A Competitive Advantage for PE Firms


Increasing asset values & competitive pressures limiting PE financial flexibility on improving operational levels.


Incorporate DX into your portfolio strategy - as your strategy evolves, so will your DX strategy.

  • Adopt a DX Maturity Model Strategy
  • Leverage an ROI-driven financial panning approach to a DX investment strategy
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